Nessun’s friend, Anubis

Nessun needed a companion in my estimation. I wanted a little more story from her. She has an Egyptian look to her and I had Cleopatra in mind when I made her. Just shades of Cleopatra though, because she is so well known and so well interpreted, that she is limiting. I wanted a little more freedom with the idea, costume, jewelry etc. I decided that her Fertile Crescent, North African, Egyptian look meant that Anubis would be a culturally appropriate icon for her. The guardian of the dead and lord of the underworld, he was present for the weighing of the heart. A ceremony during which one’s admission to the realm of the dead. A good friend to have…..

I chose to sculpt him in his full animal, African Golden Wolf, form rather than humanoid with wolf head. I sculpted him out of paperclay. Here is his humble beginning. He looks a little lumpy and whatnot, but it’s early days yet, and there’s work to be done!


Now he’s looking a little better.



Off we went to my molding space where he spent some time in close contact with rubber 🙂 He didn’t look so good after that. (I think the rubber won!) Paper clay is water soluble and the method I use does put my sculpt in contact with moisture. That is why I varnish. To seal and protect. Alas and alack, I didn’t use enough varnish (and it’s a water based one too – more environmentally friendly) and so, moisture entered poor old ‘nubi and when he came out of the mold, he was a mere shadow of his former self.


I like to say, he took one for the team. Clearly, if I want to retain my originals, I’ll need more varnish coats and probably not a water based one. All is not lost however :o) I have a viable mold, and when it finally stopped raining here, I was able to cast in it. Worked beautifully! Nessun has her pal 🙂


Watch this space! When the two of them are ready (imminently …. maybe today … tomorrow…) I will post here!