Nessun and Anubis hit Etsy!

These two are listed in my Etsy shop. If you’d like to take them home, head on over! Here’s a link:

Nessun and Anubis on Etsy

These two have lots of unique touches. Nessun’s silk, front pleated, gold cupped gown has hand beadng, hand painting and chain shoulder detailing. Both are pressure resin cast by me in my studio. Both are hand lovingly hand painted and Nessun is fully body blushed. Truly a one of a kind pair.



Handmade bracelets, leather and chain sandals, a gold leather handled golden chain leash and fancy collar are just a few more touches on these two 🙂

Nessun and Anubis on Etsy

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Nessun’s friend, Anubis

Nessun needed a companion in my estimation. I wanted a little more story from her. She has an Egyptian look to her and I had Cleopatra in mind when I made her. Just shades of Cleopatra though, because she is so well known and so well interpreted, that she is limiting. I wanted a little more freedom with the idea, costume, jewelry etc. I decided that her Fertile Crescent, North African, Egyptian look meant that Anubis would be a culturally appropriate icon for her. The guardian of the dead and lord of the underworld, he was present for the weighing of the heart. A ceremony during which one’s admission to the realm of the dead. A good friend to have…..

I chose to sculpt him in his full animal, African Golden Wolf, form rather than humanoid with wolf head. I sculpted him out of paperclay. Here is his humble beginning. He looks a little lumpy and whatnot, but it’s early days yet, and there’s work to be done!


Now he’s looking a little better.



Off we went to my molding space where he spent some time in close contact with rubber 🙂 He didn’t look so good after that. (I think the rubber won!) Paper clay is water soluble and the method I use does put my sculpt in contact with moisture. That is why I varnish. To seal and protect. Alas and alack, I didn’t use enough varnish (and it’s a water based one too – more environmentally friendly) and so, moisture entered poor old ‘nubi and when he came out of the mold, he was a mere shadow of his former self.


I like to say, he took one for the team. Clearly, if I want to retain my originals, I’ll need more varnish coats and probably not a water based one. All is not lost however :o) I have a viable mold, and when it finally stopped raining here, I was able to cast in it. Worked beautifully! Nessun has her pal 🙂


Watch this space! When the two of them are ready (imminently …. maybe today … tomorrow…) I will post here!


Little Lux Art Doll – Nessun

I’m working on an Egyptian looking little Lux lady. I’ve settled on the name Nessun, although, really the name chose me. Sometimes you get a name in your head and you just know. It just feels right. I don’t usually start a project with a name in mind. I often have to get to know her before I can name her, but this time, she’s popped into my head fully formed 🙂 Now I just have to make her …. (Too bad she doesn’t pop out of my head fully formed, would save me some time! lol!)


She looks a little like she’s explaining to me what she wants to wear…

So here she is waiting for her hair…. I wanted to do a bunch of spiral twists for her, but in the end they didn’t cooperate. They didn’t hang in a natural way. Too stiff and fake looking. So different hair was necessary.


Many silly stiff spirals! Maybe I can wrastle them into something useful at some later date. She’s getting impatient. I say, keep your hair on, lol!


Some trimming will be necessary, but I like the multilengths of this hairstyle on her. She seems to like it too 🙂


Here she is just chillin’ with the big girls while she waits for her clothing. “I’m working on it” I say 🙂 See?



Gold boobs anyone?


She’s got shoes now and bracelets and hair bling …… and ……. her dress is finished. There was much embellishing and beading and even painting on this little white silk number!

Next up will be a post all about her pal, Anubis!