New Year – New Blog

Hello there!


I know it’s February and for many, hardly a new year, but some of us are slow to get started, especially in the cold and dark of a Canadian winter when tea and a great book in front of the fire are calling….

The fact is I’ve been meaning to give my little figures LuxArtDolls, their own space, well, since I started sculpting them many years ago now. I’m a self taught sculptor and bjd maker, always looking for instruction and inspiration. I have sculpted off and on since my teens, but when I began my adventures with dolls and poseable figures, all of my worlds came together. Photography, fashion, sewing, painting, creating and playing, not to mention engineering that little bjd. I can research a project as much as I please, or I can simply let my imagination run and see what comes.

I take my time with these projects. Rushing means mistakes. Slow and steady, but when Lux ladies are ready, they tend to end up in my Etsy – LuxArtDolls shop. Feel free to communicate though if you’re interested in someone as I go along.

Like my page on FB – LuxArtDolls Follow me on Twitter @awsumgal and Instagram 1awsumgal

My fashion and fantasy bjd’s are my muse. This is their blog…

I hope you enjoy it. Drop me a line, ask me a question. I love to talk shop!





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